The day began like any other day. I went to the library, my usual work station was unoccupied so I quickly set up shop there. Plugged my headphones in and got rolling with the reading. It was such a cruise until I felt that ominous feeling that something was ready to flow down there. My first reaction was FUCK! You ended yesterday. What the hell! I made my way to the bathroom as fast as a could but I was too late, the harm had already been done. I practically had to take a shower in the library toilet and wash my jeans. That day, I sat on the toilet and sobbed like someone had died. Well, I had to wait for my jeans to dry so something had to keep me occupied. LOL. I cried at how embarrassing it was that I was the one to have soiled a library chair (Entschuldigung ULB, ich war es). I cannot express even more dramatically how deeply sad the day was for me.

This was one of the many times that fibroid made me want to shrivel up and be swallowed by the earth. The other day was at church and I ended up having to borrow my sister’s choir robe and walk around in it feigning interest in her choral group.

Listen, fibroid heavy flow is not something that you want to mess with. The moment you think you have it under control, that is when it will shock you! It is not a sign of excess blood which your body is shedding through your period. Fibroid is weird! You are anemic, yet your body is spewing blood like a blood bank. It doesn’t make sense. Whenever you feel that your period is heavier than usual, please and please go to a doctor. I beg you! It is not a sign of good health.

The excess loss of blood naturally comes with excessive tiredness. I was always tired which I attributed to being lazy but I realize now that chale, I had no control over how I felt.

Another symptom of fibroids is blood clots. If I talk about blood clots, it will get disgusting and my 50 subscribers (thank you guys!) will leave me. Just know that it is a lot and it will have you questioning a lot of things!

Goes without saying that with all these symptoms comes pain. Very otherworldly pain. I kid you not. Prior to fibroids, I didn’t have menstrual cramps so the pangs really hit me; from the severe headaches to the agonizing abdominal pain. As if that wasn’t enough, backache joined the parade. There were days when all I could do was lay flat on my stomach on the cold floor because my body was racked with such excruciating pain. If you dared change position, fibroid will show you that it owned your body.

It is because of these symptoms that many fibroid survivors wear white all the time to celebrate their victory over this enemy! My victory colour is oddly red. Always has been.

Well folks, that’s all on symptoms for me. You can share your symptoms or questions in the comment section as usual. Catch you in the next post. Love, XX.