Yes, it’s been another long break. I know, I know. Let me have it. Don’t judge me ok, I’m lazy and I have commitment issues. Don’t stress a girl. (Who sent me?!) Good question! LMAO! Posts will be more regular, I promise 😬😭. 

This is not an excuse but I hate today’s topic. What do you eat to keep your hormones balanced post-surgery and beyond? I hate putting people in boxes by telling them what to eat and whatnot. I’m all for living an indulgent life so this blows. It is torture so I’ll try to proffer practical ways that will lighten the load a bit. 

Let’s begin on a positive note by looking at what you can eat!

Greens, tissue building foods, omega three rich diets, iron-rich diets, vitamin D rich diets, and of course, fibre-enriched diets. See I’m not giving a proper list with specific items? Because aside the fact that this is personal, once I do, people will stick to it like the law and it shouldn’t be so. If I say eat spinach, and you can’t find spinach in your locality now, you’ll feel as though you’re missing out on something when in actuality spinach is more common to me now. So find your greens; whatever edible greens you find in your community. Don’t stress. You can get the required nutrition through various means and forms. It shouldn’t be one way. You’ll even get tired of it. Mix it up and also find the vegetables and fruits that your body and palate likes. For instance, I personally do not like fruits that much. Plus, I feel my body actively rejects fruits because of the sugars (even natural sugars, yes). What I do is to incorporate more vegetables in my diet which my body likes that so we win.

Water: drink lots of it. For a long time, I hated drinking water. I only drunk water only when necessary. Listen, during those times, I pee‘d averagely twice or thrice a day so that should tell you. But now I chug and chug. Well, through cups and cups of tea. Not only are teas helpful for relieving stress and settling the stomach, but they also help get my water in. My favorite teas have the following ingredients: spearmint, cinnamon, ginger, lemon, camomile, mixed herbs, etc. So instead of fruit juice and other beverages, I just drink tea.

What not to eat?🤬

This is the part I hate. I would love to tell you to just live your life but sadly, we have to watch these. I slip occasionally but little by little we will get there. So here it goes…Sugars, salt, dairy (personal), red meat, processed meat, anything that makes your soul happy and brings joy to your heart 😭. I’m kidding, it’s not that bad. Is it? These things are generally not good for your body anyway so you’re just doing yourself a favour. You can eat them, but in moderation (no be me talk am). It’s Christmas, live a little! Just a little. Let me end here before I get a call from the medical council stripping me of a medical license I do not even possess! 

If you came here looking for a strict diet plan, I’m sorry…I’m just winging it out here. I know it’s hard but I do not have all of the answers. Do you know who does though? Your doctor does so see them.

Take care of yourselves and have a blissful holiday season. Much love. xx