Hello, wonderful people from far and wide. Oh pick your jaw off the floor, it’s really me and yes I’m back like I never left and I promise to stay. (Don’t roll your eyes, they’ll fall back into your head!). Before I begin, let me ask you how you are doing. Are you eating your veggies and fruits, avoiding sugars and dairy, are you working out?! I am trying my best here and I hope you are too. I miss you all very much, especially those of you who keep checking and wondering when this lazy girl would pick up her pen to write again. Well, I’m here now and must admit that it sho’ feels good to be back too! I promise to stay!

I am here on a very important yet simple mission which is to remind you all that this blog is very much alive (as well as its owner…hihihihi) and also to remind us that the month of July is Fibroid Awareness Month!! Can I hear applause from the back?? Yaasssss, It’s everything fibroids this month! I am excited for what I have in store and the information to be shared. Go ahead and do the happy dance, I saw it, just finish. We’ll wait. Lmao!

What I plan to do moving forward, especially for the month of July is to open the platform up to other women who have similar stories to tell; those who have had surgery, those who are using other methods to deal with their fibroids, and those who have decided to turn a blind eye to what’s growing inside hoping menopause fights for them. I have you all covered! I may also throw in an interview with a specialist to answer more specific and technical questions because a specialist, I am not! (But if you need a specialist to sing Super Simple Songs and chat about Peppa Pig with your toddler, send me a dm, x).

In July, we will wear our white dresses and post many photos of us in them while celebrating our scars. Fibroid is not the boss of us! We have overcome it and we will continue to do so! So join me once more, every Sunday, as we celebrate #fibroidAwarenessMonth! I’d be glad if you tagged me in your fibroid-related photos with the hashtags #HeadlessHeartlessBabies #FibroidAwarenessMonth #WhyWeWearWhite See you soon!