Natural hair girls probably have a fist up in the air at this title because we (I am one of them) are always looking for reasons to justify this choice; talking about how it’s the healthier choice. Okay sis, are you explaining to the afro-comb whose neck and teeth you just broke? Lmao! I’m kidding guys, don’t mind me and of course, it is the healthier choice. But that is beside the point. Point is, this post is not here to win more souls for the pro-natural hair community or maybe it could. Let’s find out!

Do hair relaxers cause fibroids?

I’m sure this is not the first time that the question of hair relaxers and fibroids has come up. It is one of many theories concerning the high rate of fibroids in the black community which totally makes sense if we’re being honest. If 80% of black women get fibroids and black women are the largest users of hair relaxers, then 2+2 should be 4. It makes total sense. See, if I didn’t have natural hair at the time I was diagnosed, I would have gone with it because who wouldn’t want to pin fibroids to something. You see the way fibroid is set up without a proper cause, you are likely to pin the slightest error as the cause. Sadly (I have an agenda against hair relaxers), even with the research into this, the findings are not very convincing. Thus, we cannot conclude that the use of hair relaxers could contribute to the growth of fibroids. Though the chemicals in relaxers are harmful, there is very little trace of them to fibroids. So what we are going to do is to continue to follow the research on this even more closely until concrete evidence is given. If you are a relaxed hair girl and you have been moved by this post, you’re welcome to join the comb breakers.

In the meantime, below is a list of some products to avoid. These products contain natural or artificial chemicals that may disrupt hormone balance. Therefore, we must avoid or limit coming into contact with chemicals found in the following:

  • fertilizers
  • Detergents/disinfectants
  • pesticides/insecticides/mosquito repellant lotion
  • plastics
  • nonstick coatings on cookware (always use a wooden spoon for cooking)
  • dyes
  • paints
  • some personal care products (who said hair relaxers fall under this category? Stop that! lol!)

There are many more chemicals to avoid but for now, let us keep these in mind. The more we observe how our body reacts to products the longer or shorter this list could be for us. When your body speaks, listen! It could speak through a headache after contact with any of the above. Please don’t ignore such signs.

Take care of yourselves and catch you on the next one!